There is an ancient rite to call double. Face towards the North, close your eyes and lift up your hands. Say: "Sleep Leah, "granos". After that you can open your eyes. Now sit on your heels and say: "my Double, announced, give a sign. Support me in business, second chair, help me!". The answer to your double can be anything – a sudden gust of wind, a creaking of floorboards, the rustle of clothes, squeak, crack – any unusual sound. After you have accepted the signal of your astral double, and say, "granos". To make contact with his counterpart can be like night and day. It is not necessary to make this thirteenth and seventeenth.
You can't just call the astral double, and send him to help your loved one if he is in a difficult situation. Go out on the street, face to the side, should be sent to your counterpart and say: "Nord Saint San. My double, get (specify the location where you want to send). Give assistance to (name of person to whom have to fly double the problem in which you require assistance). Be a true friend and Ambassador".
Call astral diary you can in the usual spiritualist meeting. To do this, prepare a flipchart with a picture of him in a circle alphabet. Put on the sides of the candle, draw an arrow on the saucer with a pencil or marker. Heat a saucer over the flame of a candle, place it in the center of the circle, put his hands on him and instead of "Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, come," state your name. After that you can feel unpleasant sensations in district of a solar plexus, and other participants of the seance will be able to ask questions of your astral double. He will answer them, pointing out letters in the alphabet.