The creation of a spirit helper

In order to create a spirit helper, you should buy a high-quality gemstone. The stone selected depending on the method of creation of the spirit-helper. If you plan to use the element of fire, take the ruby, red tourmaline, red overcoat. In a word, every stone is red in color, with the exception of pomegranate.

Cut stone does not matter. This stone would be, literally, body of your assistant and his material embodiment. Be careful about setting your stone. The frame can be made from three types of metal: of silver, gold or copper. Then follows the most difficult moment: an agreement with the jeweler. Of course, if you own fine jewelry, problems will not arise, but if such a skill you have, find a good master, can make the product according your drawing and using your metal. Also, the jeweler must agree with your schedule of manufacturing: the process will need to start on a specific day.

The spiritual component

By choosing the materials, do you create a spiritual component. As it is your spirit helper, then everything depends on you. Think, dream, invent images, and create sketches. You can use spiritual practices: meditation and Mantica. Sometimes the spirit comes to its future owner in the dream, and the man woke up, draws a clear sketch of the future of his creation.

Enlist the blessing of a higher power. Select a day. Since we are talking about the fire spirit, you need to choose a day that is suitable to this element, as well as to the floor of your future assistant. Create helper of the opposite sex, to facilitate communication and primary contact. If you are a woman, select Sunday, if you are a man, select Thursday.

Prepare the ritual: draw a magic club with full magic protection. Don't forget that you will work alone, be all the necessary items in order not to leave the magic circle. Pick a high-quality, consecrated ingredients. Rituals should be conducted in the following sequence: first the cleansing, then the consecration of the four elements.

Let the Rulers of the elements that you want to create a helper, give them a mental image of the spirit and ask for support. After that, we can only obtain from the jeweler "body" of his assistant and bring it to life during a thunderstorm. For recovery you need to wait for the storm to go to her epicenter, to put there precious product to hide and wait until the stone is struck by lightning. After that, the process of creating a spirit helper can be considered completed.