You will need
  • It is believed that the Ghost appears only once. In that case, if the Ghost appears more frequently, and mostly in the same place, then it can be considered a Ghost. Who usually sees ghosts? Sensitive, emotionally moving people with sensitive and sympathetic nervous system, in the profession associated with creativity. If you are not one of them, or you're just unlucky, it is best to contact to progress and take advantage of the camera. The "eye" of the camera sees all.
First you need to decide on a place. The easiest way to go to the cemetery – the most "popular" place for walking ghosts. Also Ghost can "detect" on the roofs, in basements, in abandoned houses.
Now you need to choose the right equipment. Treat carefully to the choice. Preferable to "arm" with a digital camera. Do not necessarily choose the most expensive model, but the resolution should be high enough, at least 5 megapixels and above.
The Ghost is not visible to the human eye, and you will not be able to consider it at the right moment to press the button. So shoot everything. Modern cameras surround the memory card, and it allows you to do a large number of images. When you look at the finished images, it is likely you will be able to see something to aspire to – a Ghost.