How to summon the spirit of Charlie

In order to summon the spirit of Charlie, you'll need two pencils and a sheet of paper. You need to line the sheet into four zones, which you need to write "No" and "Yes." The same answers have to be positioned diagonally relative to each other.

Now in the middle of the sheet with the answers you need to put the pencils perpendicular to each other. Everything is ready in order to summon the spirit of Charlie, you only have to utter the phrase, "Charlie, Charlie, you here?" several times until the top of the pencil will start to move. You can now ask questions and see what answer will point pencils.

This entertainment gained immense popularity in the Internet under the tag #CharlieCharlieChallenge. If you watch the numerous videos posted online, sometimes the pencils are moving so quickly and sharply that it seems really they have someone manipulates. This leads participants to this mystical ritual in delight.

Who is Charlie

Consensus about who is this Charlie, who raise tens of thousands of teenagers around the world, does not exist. It is believed that Charlie is originally from Mexico. Supposedly this is the boy who tragically died in childhood. Charlie the life had rough character, that finds no peace after death, as teenagers around the world on the first call. They also say that Charlie was cursed and now he must answer truthfully to all the questions he's asked.

Also, it is believed that Charlie is a demon that dwells on Earth, so it appears so fast and starting to move the pencils.

Such a legend create such a mood and cause violent feelings in Teens. In many videos it is easy to see how they get scared and nervous, if the pencils start moving.

Why the pencils start moving

The movement of the pencils there is a scientific explanation. It is believed that during this ritual, the design is very unstable and quite easy breathing, or one careless movement to the pencil, near the top, began its movement. The force of friction and the angle of the pencils is such that the top element of this straightforward construction does not fall, and begins to rotate.

Why is this game so popular: the views of psychologists

According to psychologists, the popularity of this mystical game due to the natural desire of teenagers to get in touch with the unknown aspects of life. This kind of games for many years. Just before the children did not possess the technical capabilities to show your experiments around the world. Legends about the Queen of spades, Zvonom the gnome and the other was passed down verbally from one generation of teenagers to another. Now, however, such experiments successfully adapted to the modern era, when the world is dominated by Internet and social networks.