According to psychologists, the crib is a very necessary thing. Writing information by hand allows you to learn the material on a subconscious level, reduce anxiety and allows the student to feel more confident during the exam. Even high achievers are not good to know how to make spur.

The types of Cribs

The small size of the paper used makes hard to structure the text, leaving only the essence, and it will have to analyze: in the crib is something you need to make something to throw away, then to organize information – this is the value of this process. If you just download the cheat sheet from the Internet – this will not increase neither the knowledge nor the ability. Unfortunately, in most cases, the methods of cheating often prefer to use the careless students.

There are different types of Cribs. Through trial and error, everyone comes to most convenient way of solving the problem. To reduce the search, it is possible to consider the basic ways how to write the spurs.

Electronic crib

The use of gadgets and other electronic media is inefficient – long gone are the days when under the nose of the teacher can be attributed information from your phone. It is better to refuse from this method of cheating is 99% probability that the phone will have to pass before the exam.

Write a crib by hand

The most effective and proven form of cue cards to write information on a narrow paper tape with a size of 3x7 cm, you Can roll them into a thin roll, fold like an accordion. Such materials are easy to hide, you can quietly browse without attracting attention. It is only important to place the desired material is extremely structured, that his search did not take long. As an option – can generate a table in a text editor and type the material in the cells. After writing to reduce the text to a size 7-8 size and print on the printer, and then cut into leaves of convenient size.

Download the cheat sheet from the Internet

This method does not work if you need to demonstrate on the exam exam practical knowledge of the subject. As an example: to solve a complex problem in physics or chemistry. Knowledge of formulas and topics of the lectures in this case is mandatory, otherwise you can easily get into an awkward situation. However, when large amounts of dry information, difficult to remember, they can be very useful.

Methods of Cribs for the creative mind

Short dates, formulas and other data can be recorded on improvised objects, which then need to try to carry on the examination. This can be a ruler, pens, candy wrappers, nail Polish. To create this type of Cribs needs considerable dexterity, brevity, and calligraphic handwriting.

There is a whole science of how to bring their creations to the exam:

  • material hidden in ballpoint pens;
  • use rings, watches and bracelets;
  • tie with rubber bands under clothing;
  • use manuals, cases;
  • paint the desired formulas for the nails.

Of course, write a crib is good – this is a science, the process takes a lot of time. In most cases it's much faster just to carefully read and try to memorize the material than to wrestle how to make a cheat sheet as to carry it to the exam and not to get the eye of the teacher. Maybe it's time to use your time more effectively?