In General, the crib is not difficult to do, you just need to take a small piece of a clean slate and to not write it in small print required information, as a variant - to print information on the printer, selecting the appropriate font, then gently restrict cheat sheet into small pieces.

With the manufacture of Cribs all clear, however, the main question: "How and where to hide it so the teacher didn't notice?" Girls can Cribs be placed under nylon stockings, placing them on her hips. To cancel, you must come to the exam in a skirt, the edge of the skirt can be raised slightly and write off the needed material. Boys to place the crib, for example, a watch or a shirt sleeve.

Lately very popular among young people crib-invisible. They are made in the following way: printed out a cheat sheet of the required size, it is glued tape (on the front side), then the product is placed in water and rubbed off the paper. The result is a transparent sheet (transparent background) where you are clearly visible only letters and numbers. This crib with one side sticky (tape used), it is possible to carefully stick to the line, pen, corrector, calculator, bottle of water or any other item you bring with you to the exam or test.

The Cribs for girls - manicure-crib. You need to paint your nails bright varnish, then gel pen to write on the nails the most relevant data, e.g. formulas, and to cover the nails with clear varnish.

Another great option crib - crib-handkerchief. For its production you need to use the handkerchief and ballpoint pen in a contrasting color shawl. So, the scarf should be well ironed, and then from one side to finely write the required data and again to iron, roll product text inside. All that is required from you at check - out to get a handkerchief and write off. The teacher to not suspect you have the presence of the crib, it is necessary occasionally to sniff and touch a handkerchief to his nose.