Paper and especially handwritten "bunching" is not something that is not in fashion, they are just uncomfortable. And what's worse, they can easily notice teachers. Try to make a cheat sheet of Scotch, because it turns transparent, and thus easier to hide.


Open the text file in your cheat sheet and print it on a laser printer. To crib from the tape turned out better doing it on a laser and not an inkjet printer, because the latter does not always prints the text as it should. With regard to the requirements of the text, it is desirable to issue a 7-8 size and make bold.


Now make the very crib. After the text has been printed, attach it to the tape, and the size of the stripes on the paper should match the dimensions of the tape. RUB the paper with something hard and smooth, so it will stick better to the adhesive tape. If any excess paper, trim it.


Strip the text down in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes (three will be enough). Remove "cooked" crib, and then carefully separate the paper from the tape. Most importantly, do not do this while the bar is still in the water. The tape should remain printed text.


And while you're drying made of Scotch crib, think, where do you hide them and how you will use them. For example, they can be screwed in the transparent handle.