You will need
  • computer, printer, glue, colored pencils, paper, player/phone
Forms cheat sheets to the exams, there are many, and the choice of the most convenient depends on the venue of the exam and habits of the teacher. If during delivery you are allowed to leave on the table any notebook (unopened) or a diary, you can use them for masking tips.

Type in the desired text font Times New Roman or Arial, size not more than 10-11, optimally – 8, if you have good eyesight. The crib should not contain a complete answer to the question, it is more convenient if it will be summarized the main points of the answer, which you will be able quickly to quietly read and to develop independently.

Select a notebook with more colorful cover. The more colors and spots on her, the better. If you are a happy owner of a color printer, a color cheat sheet in any graphics editor, mimicking the illustration on the cover of the notebook. If printing only in black and white, to complete the disguise you can with a regular colored pencils.

Note that the size of the crib should not be more than one third of the total area on which it is glued. It is better to break it into several small fragments.
If the exam is not allowed to carry anything extra, you can print cheat sheets in this format so that they fit in the palm of your hand. This will need in the printer preferences set to print 16 pages on one sheet or to mark up text into multiple columns on one page and then cut.
If you're a fan of more modern technologies, use player, PDA or phone. Any player previously well-read throw your voice the main points of the answers. Each ticket is worth recording as a separate file, then to make it easier to find the right one. And make sure in advance about the masking earphone – work out at home in front of the mirror.
And finally, the fastest and easiest way to make crib safety net at exam – download the answers in the format .doc on the cell phone. It attracts less attention and allows you to quickly find the ticket file headers.