You will need
  • - examination fees,
  • - notebook and pen
  • - cocoa and chocolate.
Organize your environment for learning. It is unlikely that you will succeed, if the roommate or the apartment will be noisy or even just to talk. New material is best absorbed in silence. And since students rarely live on the mode and gone to bed in the evening, arrange with your friends to get them into your position and created a silence. Sit back at the Desk. Think that may be useful to you. Put all notes and books at arm's length, not to be distracted by their search.
Organize your records. To make the new information fit on the shelves and not confused, teach it not randomly, and in order. Learn the questions of the first ticket, proceed to the next. Do not break the order, so as not to confuse myself.
Allow yourself to relax. Of course, one night is very little time. But if you sit above the tickets are non-separable, we may get confused, and in the morning my head is an absolute mess, and it's not going to help you on the exam. Take breaks to drink tea or coffee. And the best drink cocoa with chocolate. They contain elements that help in the absorption of new information.
Cross out those numbers that have already been learned. This has a positive effect. You will see that is not standing still. And strikethrough another ticket will give the necessary motivation to keep moving forward. Write Cribs. Even if the exam takes a very strict teacher and in College saying to cancel it is impossible, do it anyway crib. Even if you do they will not use, it will help you to learn the ticket. Since the Cribs are usually written summaries of the response, you can memorize it and recall at the right time.
Do not try to memorize the tickets. Memorization is unlikely to lead to a positive result. Try to grasp the essence of the question and memorize a few key phrases on which you will be able to make a start on the exam. Do not leave any untouched tickets. Even if you have very little time, at least read the answers to them.
Try to get some sleep before the exam at least a couple of hours. In dreams, new information is absorbed best, and the body after such a night we need at least a little rest. On the exam be confident. After all, the teacher will see at once, if you don't know the ticket. And confidence in their words can persuade the most demanding of the teacher, and you will receive a positive evaluation.