You will need
  • 1. crib;
  • 2. jacket;
  • 3. handle;
  • 4. calculator, telephone;
  • 5. a piece of cloth the size notebook sheet, needle, thread.
Take an ordinary jacket, better length to mid-thigh. Sew with inner side pocket-size notebook sheet. In this pocket you can put a notebook to study or thin book. Get the cheat sheet from this pocket on the exam is very convenient - it is located under the arm and below the level of the Desk. Got put on my knees and blamed.
Write a little cheat sheet that fit in the palm. They can be put in a regular jacket pocket or jeans. This crib can be wrapped around the rod of a ballpoint pen and close the handle. Little spiralock can be hidden in a mobile phone (battery slot), calculator.
Wear clothing with long sleeves. A few formulas written with a ballpoint pen, will surely fit on your wrist. You can also use your hand (just be careful when you take a ticket - the teacher can see your body art). The girls a common place for ponies legs from the hip to the knee. The skirt in this case wear a medium length, so it was easy to lift her, sitting at her Desk, but she did not open the right information ahead of time.
If you fragile physique, keep a book or notebook for the belt and put on a loose sweater. The experienced students were able to carry thus into the audience several volumes of the textbook. Of the downsides of this method - the crib is quite hard to get, and then again to return to the place.