The most primitive form of cheating is a plain text note. On the exam, unlike the standard exam, there is no predetermined correct answers. Thus, students have to perform each task, relying only on own knowledge on the subject. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the crib with theoretical information.

It is best to view each job number and write down all the information. For example, A1 in Russian language you can make a list of the most popular phonetic errors and the basic rules of setting accents in words. This information can be found online or in books to prepare for the exam.
Remember to bring crib sheets and electronic devices on the exam is strictly prohibited. You can get rid of the exam without the possibility of retake.


Take the A4 paper and spend four vertical lines located at the same distance from one end to the other. In the resulting cells record the necessary information, not forgetting to do at the beginning of each paragraph a title for the quick search. Once all the data for one job are exhausted, draw a horizontal line and keep writing.

Once all the necessary entries will be made, just cut a piece of paper on the drawn lines. Remember to bring crib sheets into the exam impossible, but you can use them during training. Solving test options, look at them if I forgot any information. Besides, the writing of cheat sheets helps to better memorize the material.
For a successful exam it is better to start to prepare in advance. Use the full range of training: school, tutoring, home schooling, books and interactive tests.

Other ways

If you don't want to write all the spurs by hand to automate the process. Make the markup in a text editor and fill in the information using the computer. Material on the Internet is enough, but it's still recommended to fill the cells manually. This will allow you to look through the material and understand him better.

Abbreviate. For example, to remember the functions of money for social science, you can use the abbreviation SMSMS (a medium of exchange, measure of value, means of accumulation, world money, means of payment). Such cuts can very well remember the material and take up very little space.