Ways to use the phone in the exam

Usually Cribs to cell phones in universities are rarely used. Modern teachers have learned to calculate the "clever" now there are strict requirements for students during exams: bags put on a separate table, cell phone on the other. Students, gritting his teeth, obey. But here, smart students have found a solution: come to the classroom with two phones, one (included) - it seems to the teacher and placed on the table. Then take the ticket and loudly called the ticket number. Partner hears and quickly sends to the second phone message with the answer. It is sometimes possible to convince the teacher that want to use the phone as a calculator. But instead of addition, the students send messages with the ticket number to get the same way the answer to the question. While teachers are much worse versed in handheld devices than students. Of course, the most common method of phone use in the exam calls with the use of headphones for cell phones. The phone on the belt, earpiece in ear (preferably miniature, wireless). Any earphone can be masked by hair or a high raised collar. However, guys with short hair so the focus can harder. But there are many other ways to use a mobile phone on the exam. If earlier Bluetooth headset had a pretty solid look, but today it can be hidden right in the ear – the so-called earpiece. Hidden in the headset can be integrated miniature transmitter and a microphone. This device is called a Bluetooth headset concealed carry. Even the phone in the exam to get not have to. Using the phone during a session depends on the ingenuity of students and capabilities of the device. If you are able to take pictures of the answer sheets and then use them on the exam – is also a good option. If your smartphone has access to the Internet, all the answers instantly from there – from websites or via email. Phones and smartphones enable you to save the audio summaries of lectures, to recognize printed text and to translate audio series in print. All this, of course, comes in handy to students in examinations. Mobile ICQ clients, developed specifically for smartphones are an alternative to communicating via SMS. Lets you quickly transfer a large amount of information on the topic of the exams and send the response message. Camera and MMS-send help quickly to the page of the textbook or lectures on your phone. Especially useful if you need to transfer a large volume of graphics tables and formulas. When you access the mobile Internet become accessible online-database of cheat sheets. Some portals even provide the service of downloading on the phone ready Cribs.

Jamming of cellular communication in the exam

Technology is killing communication borrowed from the military. Have long been developed a special device designed to detect cell phones on exams. When any phone is in the hands of the student tries to communicate with the base station operator to receive or send data, a special device catches a signal. The detector operates in a radius of 10-30 meters, and it is enough for the whole audience in the exam. Therefore, the old methods of exam preparation was not canceled: lecture and tutorials!