You will need
  • Microsoft Office Word any version
Selection of the right material.
Indeed, it will be bad if "asperity" the entire textbook. This cheat sheet will be extremely difficult to use. Therefore, any training material you want to highlight only the most basic, exactly what you want, and without "water". Then printed out the cheat sheet is easy to use, and it will take a little bit. Therefore, the chances of cheating increase.
The use of acronyms.
If educational material is often used the same word, it makes sense to reduce it. It would seem, is not critical, but if such words 20-30 considerably reduce the occupied space of the crib, and print have less. For example, if the cheat sheet in mathematics often found the phrase "trigonometric function", then it will not want to see many times in the crib, so it is reasonable can be shortened to the abbreviation "TF".
In fact, the text formatting of the crib.
This process should be treated quite seriously. Formatting takes a few steps:
1) font Selection;
2) Select the font size;
3) Select the number of columns on one sheet;
4) Highlighting the important points.The font should be clear, legible, even at his small size. It is therefore recommended fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial. Optimal for print crib is 4-5 font size. However, in order for the quality of print was high, the print quality should also be excellent! For these purposes, best suited for laser printers.
The number of columns is a responsible step. If columns is a lot, then, cutting them to pieces, you get lots of little leaves, which will be very hard to handle on the exam. The most optimal options are: 3 column portrait page 6-7 columns for landscape.
To separate some pieces of information from other, you can use: numbering, bold or italic. Or do it the easy way, cutting to the crib and to separate one information from another. But then again you may risk to get lost in the pile of papers.