Gather all the necessary information, which will be the basis for a future memo. Look through thematic literature, wander through the network, to ask friends and acquaintances with expertise in the matter, or rummage, finally, the corners of my own memory. At this stage we need all the filtration going to do then.
Decide on a carrier. If the advice and information in the memo will touch on some of the mobile region, i.e., such a typical memo to couch potatoes, we can safely place her file on the desktop or even make a note somewhere "Vkontakte" if you somehow live without social networking. People who are less detached from reality, it may be advisable to print or hand-write a memo, and then hang it somewhere in plain sight. If the subject of the memo is that you have to carry it with me, think about its size and the amount of information that you want to place in it. Have or to practice brevity or to remember their student years, when one crib could fit, figuratively speaking, a few volumes of the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia".
Start to work with the collected information, which armed with Occam's razor, and mercilessly cut off all unnecessary, ie repetition, absurdity, rumors, etc. Just not fond of, so as not to remove something really important. However, rumors and other unconfirmed reports could be given a separate place, but do not forget to indicate that it is unchecked. The rest of the information spread on the sequences and clusters. Remember that the text in the memo should be as accessible as possible, so it expresses clearly to the crucial moment did not understand the verbal intricacies.
Have courage and audacity from time to time to question the information specified in each reminder, even written by them. And especially written by someone else. Any environment changes under the pressure of attendant circumstances and internal processes, which requires periodic review of the position in relation to this environment.