The most famous method is to write answers on small, pre-prepared slips of paper. Cribs can be written by hand or typed in a small font, and printed. Plus the fact that the size of these Cribs is very small and negative - is difficult to find the right ticket without attracting attention.
Another option may be a pre-written response, with the subsequent substitution of pure leaf harvested. Very effective method, if not too much, and leaves for the exam can be arbitrary. If they are a special type, or they should print, make the crib is getting quite difficult.
When the classical methods do not, come to the aid of the various gadgets. For example, to use mobile phone with hands free headset. The answers you will dictate one of your friends, always ready to help any minute.
If all your friends are busy, you can write the answers on the player, pull the cord through the sleeve, and to include them yourself at the highest possible low volume.
A good option to make the correct crib is creating them electronically. You can throw crib for a phone, PDA, player, portable or console - any device that supports playback of the text. Extremely comfortable with a plan of navigation at the Cribs. To find what you need is not difficult.