Use the command *141# to take the promise or of trust on the Beeline. In this case you may wish to find out available payment type from a mobile phone *141*7#. If you want to install or remove the ban on the use of "Trust", call 0611 and wait for connection with a support operator Beeline. Connection fee trust fee is 15 rubles at a time, no subscription fee.
Promised payment on the Beeline is granted for 3 days. After this period it is necessary to replenish the account so that the sum of it was greater than at the moment of connection of the promised payment, otherwise your number will be blocked. Immediately after payment, you can re-take confidence payment Beeline.
The ability to borrow at the rate of "World of Beeline" is available only to subscribers, costs for mobile communications in last 3 months is not less than 50 rubles. The total duration of a subscription service shall also be not less than 3 months.
The higher your costs on mobile communication, the more it will be possible to take the promised payment on the Beeline. The highest amount provided on an imprest basis, is 60 rubles. The subscribers that are in roaming or in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol will receive a larger amount of trust.