You will need
  • - connected to Beeline mobile phone account balance
To come and "Trust payment", please, dial *141# command. If your costs of mobile communications over the past three months amounted to more than 3000 in a month, your balance will be recharged for 300 rubles. However, your account balance should be no more than 90 rubles. At a cost of from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles per month is supposed to "Trust payment" in the amount of 150 rubles. At the same time balance on a mobile phone should be no more than 60 rubles. If the subscriber spends on all services of "Beeline" from 100 to 1,500 rubles a month, the size of the "Trust paymentand" will be 90 rubles, and the rest should also be no more than 60 rubles. Customers consuming less than 100 rubles a month, enroll 30 rubles, and ordering the "Trust paymentand" in this case is allowed if the balance in the account from 0 to 30 rubles.
Please note that the duration of the "Trust paymentand" three days, after which the amount is automatically debited from your mobile phone. However, if you ordered the service of international roaming, you will receive an increased "Trust payment", acting in the course of a week. In addition, for participants of the program "Hi Light Club" offers special conditions when connected to the service "Trust payment" (details should be clarified on the company's official website or one of the service offices).
Get "Trust payment" again for at least a day after the cancellation of credited to this amount.