You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrench set;
  • tester.
Use to determine the type of fault the machine has built-in self test. With the obvious failure mechanisms and units on the LCD display will show the error code. Write down the code on a sheet of paper and refer to the technical manual supplied with the household appliance. After determining the type of fault, perform the actions recommended to resolve it.
If your washing machine does not heat water, check the operation of the tubular electric heater (Teh). Remove the back cover and find the flange of the Heater. Unscrew the flange nut to the thread end and push it to the left nut until it stops in the flange.
Disconnect the heating element from the washing machine and test it with the tester. In the event of a malfunction of the heater replace it with new, just pick it up by capacity and type. If the heater is OK, you may need a qualified diagnosis and subsequent replacement of the thermostat or relay contacts. Contact a workshop for repair of household appliances.
Sometimes after you start the programme washing machine drum is not rotating. Unplug the machine and check free movement of the drum, successively moving it in different directions. In the absence of extraneous noise, check the belt tension.
Remove the back wall of the washing machine. Inspect the attachment point of the belt and make sure it is intact and is well stretched. Check whether rotates the motor pulley. When the belt breaks, replace it with new one. If the cause of the malfunction, ask for help from professionals.
If your washing machine not getting water or doing it too slowly, check to start is open until the end of the valve, through which water is supplied to the machine. Unscrew the valve fully and re-check machine work.
Additionally Unscrew the water supply hose that fits to the rear of the machine. Remove the strainer and clean it if dirty. If the measures have not led to the result, the cause could be faulty relay in the water level. Without qualification, do not attempt to replace the relay yourself, please contact the service center Indesit.