You will need
  • Phillips screwdriver, stiff wire, flashlight.
Disconnect the appliance from the electrical network, Sewerage system and water supply. Take him in a well-lit spacious room. Refit transit bolts. Open the cover and look carefully at the design. You should see in the drum a small opening and is closed with plastic from the inside. Outside usually stick with the plates of the latches.
Simultaneously press the tabs of the latches so that the plate fell inside the drum. Through the opened holes remove linen from the machine. This can be useful long tweezers or made of stiff wire hooks on the handle. Then use the wire to get to the doors. For convenience, locate a flashlight. If the drum up so that the access to holes is not obtained, remove the side wall. Unscrew with a Phillips screwdriver back wall.
To pull a foreign object, put the machine on its side. Look at the bottom of the tank a thick rubber tube drain and disconnect it. This will reveal a hole stick your hand in and remove the foreign object in the space between the tub and the drum. For convenience, periodically rotate the drum. Carefully inspect the impeller of the drain pump, often small things goes right.