You will need
  • - network filter;
  • filter for water purification;
  • pumping station
With the installation of automatic machines it is necessary to connect the drain hose. This can be done directly through the door into the street, into a sinkhole or the nearest ditch. The easiest way to supply water when no water pipe is to fill it manually. The machine still as it hits the water: the staffing connection or through the tray washing powder. As long as it was received on time and in the right amount. So it is possible to use soft rain water, which is very good at washing clothes. But the downsides of this option are many. You'll be constantly on duty beside her in time to pour water, and the water will have to bring a lot.
If the area is a source of water suitable for washing, you can make some semblance of running water. To do this, buy a pump station, which will create pressure for water flow. With this method it is recommended to install the filter. Disadvantage of this option is that the pumping station and water filter are not cheap.
There is another option. It is necessary to place machines above a container of water, then the water in the tank will put pressure on, and create in the hose pressure. But not always it is enough for normal operation. In this case, much depends on the machine model.
Alternatively, to consider buying cars the old rotary model. She did not have any pressure in the system. The downside is that the quality of the wash worse than the automatic machine.
Before you put the machine itself in the country or in a village with no running water, all weigh. Decide which model fits best, note the quality of the water you intend to use for washing. If it is stiff, use softeners, or the tena washing machines can fail.