Fault codes

To diagnose the last fault of the washing machine Bosch, you need to close the hatch, put all programs to "off" and wait a few seconds. Then, you should choose spin, the led start blinking. Then press the button to change the spin speed, and simultaneously put the software selector on the drain. The machine will display one of the following codes: F16 – means bad closed door, F17 – problems with water, F18 – problems with water drain, F19 - fault-heater, F20 - NTC temperature sensor, fault relay, F21 – a problem with the drive motor, F22 sensor NTC F23 that it indicates a leak of water, F40 – problem with input voltage, F63 – problems of the control module.

If diagnostic test does not run often this means that the car problem is not with the components, and a control Board.

To check the fault of this or that code and erase the last error from the memory of the washing machine Bosch, you can set the programme selector to one of the following provisions. To check the drive motor, you must choose 3 to check the pump 4, heater 5, for valve Bay hot or cold water – 6 and 7 for solenoid valve water (main wash) – 8, for valve Gulf waters (pre-wash) – 9. The test audio signals is performed when you select 9, the automated test FCW – if you select 12, quick test – if you select 14. In different models of the Bosch engine is started in position 3 or 4.

Repair of washing machines Bosch

Quite often, the repair of washing machines Bosch is reduced to the replacement of defective components, but it is not the only way. Thus, the problem with the motor, the car owner can independently to dismantle and carry in service center for repair of electrical equipment. In some cases, the engine life can be significantly extended by installing new brushes.

To determine the presence of faults in the engine using the diagnostic test mode and no rotation of the machine reel.

Attempted recovery of the motor independent repair of washing machines from Bosch are less expensive than complete replacement. For maximum effect repairs should be performed by experienced and qualified master – this will ensure long and trouble-free engine operation. The owner of the washing machine, do not have skills in repairing motors, can only remove the engine for repair, and then install it back but no more.