One of the most convenient ways to disable connected services "the Megaphone" – call operator. For this you need to dial 0500 from your mobile phone and wait for the connection with a specialist. To produce disabling services by using the automated system. To learnwhich pay services "the Megaphone" connected to your phone, you must change the device mode tone dialing and press the number 3, and then follow the instructions.
For convenience of using different options for the subscriber "the Megaphone" has developed a system "Service-Guide". In the self-service system you can quickly and easily disable connected services "the Megaphone". To manage your subscriptions you can send with a mobile phone request to *105# and follow the instructions on the screen.

On modern smartphones to use the service even more convenient – you need to install a special app downloaded from the official website. As a login should enter your phone number and password, send an sms request with the text "41"to the number 000105. To disable options you need to choose the section "Services", hereinafter "supplementary services" and disable those functions that are not used.
To use your personal account through the website To enter you need to enter the phone number and password from the system "Service-Guide". To remove the connected option in the section "Services and tariffs".
To disable the paid services of the operator, it is possible to send special command via sms message. You need to know the user what options are you. Options of requests you can see on the website
If you disable connected services "the Megaphone" alone does not work, you can contact the nearest office of the operator. The company's specialists will help you not only find out what pay services "the Megaphone" used in your room, but also to get rid of unnecessary spending after making statements about disabling unused options. To perform this procedure, you will need the passport of the person with whom the contract was made on the use of the sim card.