Use Internet assistant operator to disable a paid subscription to the Megaphone. To do this, open main page of the official website and click on "Service guide" in the upper right corner. Next, you need to sign in your personal account. Click on the appropriate link on the page or dial *105*2#. As a result, you will receive a message that will contain the password to log in.
Sign in your personal account using the phone number and the password received. Go to the menu "Services and the tariff", and then to the corresponding item called "Change services". To disable a paid subscription to MegaFon, untick the services you don't need, and save the changes by clicking the appropriate button.
Manage your services using the special short USSD commands. You can recognize them in office mobile the official website of the operator. In the search box enter the name of the subscription or service. As a result, you will be able to learn the appropriate command to disable a paid subscription to the Megaphone.
Send the word STOP to the shortcode from which you receive unwanted notifications. Often it helps to get rid of the annoying subscription. The success of the action will be confirmed by return message, notifying you that you have unsubscribed from the service.
Ask for help in subscription support MegaFon in your city. Give the staff your passport (the room needs to be decorated just for you), then ask to disable certain paid subscription. The operation will take no more than a minute.
Dial short number 0500, to contact the Russian centre for support of subscribers of the Megaphone. What the responding officer your passport details and ask them to unsubscribe you from paid services. This procedure is quick and completely free. It depends only on how free will dialer.