Customers of MegaFon the opportunity to study in detail the type of service, its purpose, existing tariff and irrelevance in multiple ways to disable the options.
With active Internet and the desire to independently find out what paid services are included in the purchased fare will help the personal account system ("Service Guide"). It provides a number of opportunities for the client to keep track of your account balance, to report on the movement of payments, to change the tariff to a more suitable, disconnect/connect services paid or free nature. The system is accessible from computer and mobile phone. To install the app to the phone, you must download it from a Megaphone, or use the "Service Guide" using the command *105#, which is free.
To log into your account using your computer, you should visit the official website of MegaFon, registering it, and getting a password. The company has no single way to disable services. In a convenient menu it is possible to study in detail all the proposed options, clicking on which displays information about the options disable, and choose the most convenient method: via USSD-request, via SMS or with one click to cancel unnecessary services. While it can be done in any corner of the world where there is Internet access.
If Internet access is temporarily absent, it never was, or the subscriber can not use a computer, then use the following method to contact the mobile operator. Enough to make one call to support and ask for the Manager to disable services that are not in demand. In this case, can request the passport data of the subscriber.
Another way of disabling unneeded services are suitable for those who are in constant traveling and business trips. For this you can visit the nearest official operator MegaFon, finding a pre-list of addresses on the website. The advantage of this method is that the opportunity to obtain comprehensive advice and assistance of qualified managers of the operator. In the salon you can enjoy a disable paid services, not only on the phone and the modem but and deactivate subscriptions that come with the room 5051. For operations with this method you also need a passport.
Choose a particular service or to refuse unnecessary – man himself must choose, and if you fail yourself, you need to contact the experts who will assist.