To disable mobile subscriptions Megaphone, you can use a special system Service Guide. To do this, go to the official website of the operator Window logon enter the username and password. The username will be the phone number without eight. and the password can be obtained by sending a request to *105*00# or an empty message to the number 000110. Under management services, select the subscription you want to unsubscribe, and disconnect them.
To deactivate the service of mobile subscriptions Megaphone you can use the answering machine, by calling the number on 0500. Listen to the info in the main menu of the automated information system press, allowing you to navigate to the section of management services. Following the instructions, disable the subscription.
By calling 0500, you can also take the help of a specialist company. To do this, press 0 and wait for a response operator. Describe employee MegaFon his problem, and he will perform all the necessary actions to prevent disconnection of the services to you.
Mobile subscriptions Megaphone can be disabled by contacting the office of the company. Don't forget to bring your passport to confirm that you are the owner of rooms, which connected the extra services. Fill in the employee statement, and within days your problem will be solved.
You can try to get rid of unnecessary messages on the phone by yourself using just one mobile phone. Go to the service notifications and disable them. Thus, you will refuse to and from the connected mobile subscriptions Megaphone, get rid of unwanted spam sent to your room.