Disable paid services on the phone

To suspend the paid services, you can call the customer service of the cellular operator. If you are a subscriber of MegaFon, contact your network operator toll free number 8 (800)-550-05-00. You can also send an SMS to a short number 0500. The message clearly specify the problem. If you are a legal entity, has free room 8 (800)-550-05-55. Subscribers of MTS can contact the call center at the number 8 (800)-250-08-90, Beeline– 8 (800)-700-06-11.

Note that the support technician may ask you to call the passport data of the owner of the account or password that has been registered in the contract for communication services.

Disable paid services on the Internet

You also have the ability to disable paid services via the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of the cellular operator. You will receive a password on your phone from your personal account and manage the list of services through the system. Here you can not only disable the services, but also to learn more about other packages.

You can also download the system to your phone. For example, on the official website of the mobile operator MegaFon has a link to the application "Service guide". With this system, you can monitor all transactions and costs, without using a computer.

Disable services through USSD command and SMS messages

If you know which paid services you have connected on the account, you can suspend them with the help of some commands. Let's say you are a subscriber of the cellular operator MegaFon. You have previously connected to the service "Personal tone." To disable, you can dial *660*12# and press the call key. After a few seconds your phone will receive a message about the result of the operation. Or perhaps you use the services of Beeline. You have connected to the service "Locator". To disconnect, simply send the word "Off" to the short number 5166.

If none of the above methods does not suit you, disable the paid service, please contact the office of the cellular operator. You should have a document confirming your identity.