MegaFon Subscribers

Find out what paid services on the connected phone Megaphone. Use the self-service of subscribers "Service Guide" link that is on the official website of the operator. Go through a quick registration procedure by going to the appropriate section. Once you get access to the system "Service-Guide", click the tab "Services". Here you can absolutely free view the list of connected paid services and abandon those that do not need. If you are not able to use the Internet, type the phone command *105# and select connected services. In addition, around the clock, customers have a single reference number 0500. You can also contact one of the shops in the city, whose staff upon presentation of a passport will tell what services on the phone is connected and committed to perform the necessary operations.


MTS subscribers can use the Internet assistant on the official website of the operator, the registration procedure which is almost the same as the company the Megaphone. In personal account user can see a list of all connected data at the time of services with the ability to disable superfluous. Dial from your phone *152*2#, then you will receive a text message with a list of current connected services. You can also call the 0890 number and following the voice menu instructions, learn the information you need. Finally, information about current free and paid options are available upon request in the offices and salons of MTS.

Subscribers Of Beeline

Like other operators, Beeline offers subscribers the opportunity to find out what paid services are available on phone, through personal Cabinet on the official website. Also you can quickly obtain the necessary information, using a single reference number 0674 any number of subscribers 0611. Another effective way is to dial the phone combination *111# and after going to menu option "My Beeline" select "My services". Alternatively, contact the urban salons of communication passport.