For the treatment of seborrhea, psoriasis and ichthyosis use 2% salicylic ointment, which in some cases diluted with vaseline. For cuts and burns recommend the use of 5% ointment. 10% ointment treat calluses and Horny skin. There is also 60% salicylic ointment, which is used for removing warts.
Before applying the ointment carefully apply on the affected area. To begin, remove all the dead skin and crust. If in this area there is a bubble, then open it. Then treat the wound with any antiseptic. Now you can begin applying the ointment. Spread it smooth with a thin layer on the affected area and top cover with a sterile cloth. Can be impregnated with ointment the very cloth which is then applied to the surface of the skin and to fix vintovoi bandage. It is recommended to apply the ointment at night, so she had time to fully absorb into the skin. The bandage needs to be changed every day.
Salicylic ointment has very few contraindications. For example, it can not be used if you are hypersensitive components of the medication, or some forms of renal failure. In addition, the ointment can be applied to the hairy moles or education, which are in the groin area. Before starting treatment for such defects need to consult with your doctor. Keep in mind that a daily dose of salicylic ointment should not exceed 10 ml, and the treatment should last no longer than three weeks.
Salicylic ointment can be used and pregnant women. But here there is a limit — daily dose should not exceed 5 ml. Sometimes this medication is prescribed for the treatment of children. In this case, be careful — the daily dose should be small (5 ml), and to apply salicylic ointment on the sore spots need at a time.