To delete a file without putting it in the trash, use Shift+Delete key combination. For this, select with the mouse or the keyboard file you want to delete and press the shortcut. Instead of the standard dialog "do You really want to move this file to the trash?" – you will see another window: "are you sure You want to permanently delete this file?". Confirm your intention by clicking "Yes". Now file is deleted without moving it to the trash.
If you want to delete files in the usual way, but, nevertheless, do not put them in the cart, make changes to its properties. To do this click the basket icon on the desktop, right-click and select "Properties". Put a tick near the item "to Destroy files right after delete, instead of moving them to the trash and save the changes. Now when you delete files using the Delete button or "Delete", they won't fit in the basket.
In addition, there are special programs that allow you to permanently delete files from your hard disk. However, they do not fit in the basket, and eliminates the possibility of their subsequent recovery with the help of programs to recover deleted files. This result is achieved by a re-writable memory cell, which is located in a deleted file, according to a special algorithm. Examples of such programs include Active ZDelete, Clean Disk Security, CCleaner, etc.