Ointment preparations based on hormones

Allocate 2 groups of ointments used in psoriasis therapy: hormonal and non-hormonal. The first is used more often and are faster, but they have many side effects. Before you choose the ointment preparations based on hormones, you need to know that they are breaking the production of hormones in the endocrine glands and as a result there is an imbalance.


Very serious complication can be liver failure, impaired renal function and heart. As hormonal the most popular are ointments based on corticosteroids. They all differ in composition.

For example, ointment-based triamcinolone - "Berlicort", "Proderm" relieve itching and inflammation, prevent allergic reactions. Often after therapy, it is possible to observe a secondary skin lesion. Ointment on the basis of betamethasone – "Betasalik", "Belosalic" are used very often.

They reduce the permeability of capillary walls, constrict blood vessels. These ointments contain active fluoride, which is why they are at times more effective than other means. When choosing a ointment for patients with psoriasis need to consider many factors: the background of the disease, age, weight of the patient, individual intolerance.


Non-hormonal ointments

Non-hormonal creams also come in several types: on the basis of tar, apathetic, and others. The former one includes herbal ingredients, so they are more secure. This is especially important for pregnant women, children, the elderly.


This group may include "Otraslevoy ointment". Indifferent ointments are also widely used. This includes: zinc ointment, sulphur and others. But despite their safety, for them has its contraindications.

For example, an ointment based on salicylic acid cannot be used by persons with ulcers, anemia, pregnancy. There is an ointment based on petroleum products: "Naftalan", "Neesan". Unlike hormones, they are safe when applied, produce less side effects, to them to a lesser extent, there is a tolerance - reducing therapeutic effect with prolonged use. But they are less effective and take longer.

Thus, based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the choice of an ointment for the treatment of psoriasis is not a simple matter. Pick up the ointment must be strictly individually depending on the severity of symptoms , consult a medical specialist before use is required.