Main rule: always apply ointment to clean skin, because then the absorption of the substance will occur faster. Before this procedure it is advisable to take a shower or wash with soap the area of body where to get drug. If this is not possible (e.g. because of poor health, severe pain, impeding movement), unable to wipe the affected area with alcohol with a cloth or cotton swab. In the absence of the alcohol can be replaced with Cologne, lotion, vodka.
Suppose you want to thoroughly RUB the ointment into the skin (eg, sciatica). First of all, the person performing the procedure should wash hands with hot water and thoroughly dry them. Then squeeze in the palm of a certain amount of the ointment, begin to RUB the sore spot in a circular and spiral movements, gradually increasing the pressure (and can not strengthen them, but then the therapeutic effect of the procedure is below).
From time to time we need to put on the palm of a new batch of ointment. The duration of the procedure depending on the power of pain and condition of the patient is from 5 to 20 minutes. When the rubbing ends, the diseased area must be carefully to wrap up. It is best if the patient after rubbing the ointment will lie down under a blanket.
If we are talking about the treatment of purulent abscesses (boils), take a piece of sterile cloth or folded several times a piece of gauze, wash cloth, a small amount of ointment and apply on the affected area. Top fabric lock, e.g., a strip of adhesive tape or bandage. For these purposes well suited mercurial ointment , or Ichthyol. You can also use the ointment Vishnevsky.
Sometimes ophthalmologists prescribe eye ointments. How to carry out such a procedure? Have stood in front of the mirror a little to pull the thumb and index finger the lower lid and squeeze in the resulting "gap" between the eyelid and eyeball some ointment from the tube. It's easy enough to be done because tubes of eye ointments, usually equipped with long, thin spouts. Release the eyelid, and the ointment itself is distributed over its inner surface.