Advice 1: Absorbable ointment - summary of drugs

Scars on the skin that is located on exposed parts of the body, not add beauty, and so is bruising. The use of special absorbable ointments accelerates the process of skin regeneration and to restore its original appearance.
Absorbable ointment - summary of drugs
Absorbable ointment is used in the presence of: scars, acne marks, minor cuts or scratches. In order to choose the right means, you should consult with a qualified professional. Otherwise it will be difficult to prevent the proliferation of connective tissues and increasing the size of the scar.

The range of absorbable waxes based on silicone

The most modern and effective tools in the treatment of scars, including post-surgical, are considered to be gels and ointments, the main component of which is silicon.

An example of a perfect resolving means is "Takes" that have a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin, restoring its elasticity, relieving the feeling of dryness and discomfort and eliminating itching. The formed film of silicone protects the scar from environmental influences and does not allow it to grow, causing it to flatten and become less noticeable. The course of treatment is not less than two months, and to obtain a stable result it is necessary not less than six months of use.

"Seeder-ultra" - a major component of this ointment is inert silicone, acting superficially, not having it is absolutely no side effects on the human body.

One of the most popular absorbable ointments is "Contractubex". The components included in its composition, strengthen the immune system and have wonderful anti-inflammatory effects. The advantage of ointments is the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, due to contained in its composition of silicone, heparin, etc.

Similar to the above preparation the properties of the ointment "Dermatix". It is a quality tool used for removing scars of different origin.

The result of the application of absorbable ointment "Mederma scars become more elastic and color similar to natural skin. Under its action the scars become less visible, which leads to a significant improvement in appearance. Not under the power of this tool only the restoration of the connective tissue and eliminates stretch marks on the skin.

Ointment on the basis of heparin

Resolving means based on the heparin sodium is widely used not only to reduce scars, but for eliminating various kinds of hematomas. Often to reduce swelling in the injury site use "Troxevasin". This pharmaceutical drug is effective in various disorders of the venous circulation. In addition, he is able in a short period of time to remove swelling and relieve pain. When bruises and other injuries, it is recommended to apply the gel or ointment "Troxevasin". It must be remembered that the use can appear adverse reactions in the form of dermatitis, eczema or urticaria. In this case, from the use of the drug is better to abstain.

Great medicine, with absorbing properties, is the drug "Lioton". The use of tools can significantly speed up the process of resorption of the hematoma and reduce swelling. This drug is used with efficiency and with subcutaneous hematomas.

Absorbable ointment "Badyaga" helps to cope not only with bruises but also pigment spots. She has a fairly powerful absorbing properties, it is used for acne.

Advice 2: What cream helps from scars

There are several popular cosmetic and medical techniques to remove scars or reduce their appearance. The most effective deep peeling and fractional laser resurfacing. Surface, not too noticeable skin damage can be corrected by applying ointment of scars. Such tools are relatively inexpensive, available, easy to use at home.
What cream helps from scars

Scarring ointment "Contractubex"

Regenerating means "Contractubex" can affect all types of scars, namely:
- hypertrophic, deep enough that affected several layers of skin;
- atrophic, which replaced furunkuleze inflammation;
- keloids that have appeared in the deep burns, trauma, surgical incisions;
- stretching that occurred after pregnancy, and as a result of the gain or loss of weight.

In the ointment "Contractubex" there are active substances that are beneficial to the skin. Thus, the sodium heparin softens the rigidity of the scar tissue serves as a protective barrier to the development of connective tissue, has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. Allantoin dissolves dead tissue of the surface of the scar or scar, reduces healing time, improves blood circulation, increases the amount of water in the cells. Onion extract Serae reduces inflammation, dissolves blood clots, slows the development of the connective tissue cells.

"Contractubex" can be used only in the case when the wound was healed, and the injury formed a new skin. This ointment should be applied 2-3 times a day, lightly massaging the scar tissue. Should prepare for a long treatment: dense and old scars dissolve with difficulty, and therefore need to use the ointment for 3-6 months.

To improve the efficiency over the applied ointment, it is desirable to impose an occlusal bandage, the tightness of which will be a barrier to the penetration of air. If special medical dressings, it can be replaced with a clean plastic bag. To enhance the impact of the ointment often, ultrasound is used, however, this procedure is performed only in a clinical setting.

If the scars are on the elbows, feet, knees, they will help to get rid of warm baths with "Contractubex". 1 liter water 2 cm of ointment squeezed from the tube. Duration of this procedure is 10 minutes. Hold it also need daily.

Ointment scars "Clofibrate"

German reducing agent "Clofibrate successfully used to treat post-surgical scars and scars that have occurred as a result of skin diseases. The main component of this tool - urea, which is a natural humidity regulator. It has good effects on the rumen, making it more moisturized, soft and supple.

Heparin helps to improve blood circulation and smooth the skin, and D-camphor has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Advantages of ointment scars "Clofibrate":
- absence of contraindications;
- eliminating skin irregularities and small scars;
good absorbability;
- disappears tugging sensation at the site of the scar.

Ointment "Clofibrate" and successfully applied in the preventive purposes, for example, to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks in the process of dramatic weight loss or after pregnancy. Regular application of this tool makes the skin hydrated and more supple, thereby protecting it from breakage.

"Clofibrate" should be applied 3-4 times a day on the scar area, easily massaging the place until completely absorbed funds. Night compress with this ointment increase its moisturizing effect.

Ointment for scars Zeraderm Ultra

Silicone ointment Zeraderm Ultra is capable of correcting not only dense and old scars, but the most difficult thing in the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Part of this means are isomers and oligomeric polysiloxane - substances that, when combined with oxygen to create a thin shell, having water-repellent properties.

In addition to the basic components, the composition of this ointment comes with vitamins, normalizes water balance and promotes the growth of healthy cells. Zinc oxide protects the damaged area of the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

Advantages of funds from scar Zeraderm Ultra:
- easy application;
- easily breathable, allowing the skin to breathe;
- moisture proof;
- not absorbed;
- without stickiness;
- ability to use 24 hours a day.

Another advantage, important for women – applying ointments along with cosmetics. Often, this means choosing if the scar or the scar is in a conspicuous place on the face, neck or dcollet. Thin and invisible film can play the role of a makeup base, because it does not stand out against the surrounding skin.

Other means of scarring

In addition to these drugs that are used successfully in many countries, there are many other equally effective means. Thus, the transparent silicone plates Spenco fixed by a patch so that they completely cover the scar or the scar. For best results the plates need to be worn for several months.

Silicone gel "Dermatix" useful as for the treatment of old scars, and for prevention of new skin lesions. This tool allows you to get rid of keloid scars, and also reduces the amount of connective tissue.

Liquid cream Scarguard is applied with a brush and quickly dries, forming a protective film and providing scar tissue pressure. In such circumstances, healing is faster.

What you need to remember, buying a ointment for scars

Ointment, resolving scars, it is necessary to buy only in pharmacies. Purchasing medicines with it, instead of the expected positive result to serious health problems.

You also need to remember that any medicine may cause unexpected reactions of the organism, and therefore before using ointment you need to consult a dermatologist.

Advice 3: What cream helps eczema

Eczema is a serious disease occurring in acute or chronic form. The treatment of this pathology is performed only after determining the cause, because there are many types and forms of eczema, each of which requires a special approach to the administration of drugs.
What cream helps eczema
After examination of the patient with eczema, doctors often prescribe special ointments that meet certain requirements. Ointment for eczema needs to provide comprehensive therapeutic effect, eliminate the main symptoms is itching and burning, can be a barrier to the penetration of pathogenic flora, moisturize the skin. But the most important property of such a therapeutic agent is the lack of negative impact on the human body. To find their own ointment that meets these requirements is almost impossible. Only a professional will choose the correct medication for the treatment of eczema in each case.

"Hydrocortisone ointment"

"Hydrocortisone ointment" is the most popular agent used for the treatment of eczema. Usually it is prescribed for inflammation of the skin allergic etiology. Apply the ointment in a thin layer on the affected area 3 times a day. "Hydrocortisone ointment" can be purchased at any pharmacy, but should not be used without medical supervision because it has a number of contraindications: infectious skin diseases - pyoderma, tuberculosis, fungal infection, accompanied by ulcerative lesions.


"Zoderm – cure eczema from the group of corticosteroids, quickly relieving the main symptoms of disease — pain and itching. But in addition to the positive impact of this remedy has no side effects: the emergence of itching and spots on the skin, excessive hair growth, kidney dysfunction. When expressed side effects the use of the drug should be discontinued immediately. Contraindications ointment "Soderm are: tuberculosis of the skin, acne, small pox, children under one year of age. This means it is forbidden to use together with other drugs of this pharmacological group.


Effective drug for eczema that is applied to the first stage of the disease, is "Dermason". It is well restores the skin with slight damage, but is absolutely not suitable for the treatment of chronic forms of the disease. Cause "Dermason" on dry and clean skin 3 times a day. Contraindications to the use of ointments are individual intolerance to components, pregnancy, lactation, ulcers on the skin.


"Skin-cap" - a remedy for eczema with antibacterial and antifungal activity. This drug should be performed within 2 weeks, rubbing ointment into the skin 2 or 3 times a day. Before using Skin-cap" is necessary to consult a dermatologist. This tool has no contraindications, which allows its use in almost every patient.

Treatment eczema long and difficult. Properly selected drug depends on the recovery of the patient. During treatment of eczema should eat a healthy diet, observe rules of personal hygiene and all doctor's recommendations.

Advice 4: What cream helps from injury

Injury is one of the most common injuries that get both children and adults. Like any other damage, it is quite unpleasant and painful. Of course, many people want as soon as possible to cure this sore, and they very often help special ointments.
What cream helps from injury

What is a bruise?

Injury – is damage to the organs or tissues, but the integrity of the skin not broken. Typically, it occurs when a fall or impact.

Most commonly observed injuries of the limbs and head. Fabrics have different resistance to attack, so the extent of damage varies. Most susceptible to injuries of parenchymal organs and subcutaneous tissue. In injuries of this type, usually there is a rupture of small lymphatic and blood vessels, which in turn causes hematoma.

Diagnosis if the injury does not cause almost any difficulties. But in some cases it is necessary to exclude possible damage to the bone. So sometimes the doctor may prescribe x-rays of the damaged section.

Damaged parts of the body need to create peace. On the first day to injury periodically need to apply cold and then heat treatments are desirable because thanks to them, the hematoma will resolve faster.

Ointments from bruises

Quite effective on bruises ointments that contain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. In comparison with a bruise where the tissue damage is, you might say, a minor injury requires intensive local therapy. Therefore, it is desirable to apply a product containing diclofenac, Ketoprofen, and ibuprofen.

Ointments of this type are applied on the damaged area three to four times a day, but only if the skin is not damaged. When the swelling is large and dense, an ointment to be applied more often because the drug is absorbed less rapidly.

Also ointment for bruises may include pain, which has incredible decongestant and biodegradable properties. For example, an ointment of Comfrey (often called Larkspur), well resolves hemarthrosis, swelling and neutralize the anesthetic. And in the case of bone injury it accelerates the regeneration of cartilage cells and reduces inflammation.

Good anticoagulant effect have creams and gels containing heparin, for example, "Lioton" or "Heparin ointment". In addition, the effective integrated local remedies such as That" and "Indovazin". They reduce swelling and inflammation.

Quite common ointment has a warming effect, such as "Finalgon", "Apizatron". These tools improve the blood circulation in damaged areas.

Ointment for bruises, you can apply no more than a week. During this period, the swelling should become less and pain and does pass. The hematoma may remain – this is considered normal, but only for 10-14 days. If during this time the damaged area is left unchanged, so the injury is more serious and should consult a doctor.
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