The main causes of changes in the skin may be allergic to cosmetics, errors in diet, reaction to some strong medication, or diseases of the internal organs. Consult a dermatologist for a diagnosis and recommendations to get rid of the rash. Get tested to identify the possible allergen. As blood you can make a view on the degree of sensitization of the organism and to identify the allergen.
If the cause of spots on the skin of steel products, establish food. In your diet should not be clear of allergens are citrus, chocolate, eggs, nuts, milk, seafood. Also at the time of discard of some fruits, especially exotic varieties. Eat porridge made with water, vegetables, pasta, etc. Limit the consumption of sweet, fatty, smoked and fried dishes.
Treatment of a rash in the presence of an infectious disease depends on how it manifests itself – when the chickenpox bubbles it is necessary to dry and sanitize, and when Corey spots disappear on their own, without local treatment.
In autoimmune diseases associated with rash, the necessary differentiation of its nature – for example, when lupus treatment rash is only in the case of major blisters (they are treated antiseptic).
Psoriatic spots to lubricate various ointments depending on the stage of precipitation (dry crusts, oozing plaques, etc.) – used salicylic, zinc ointment, coal tar compounds, etc.
Chesotocnah treatment of the rash includes the use of local ointments (sulphuric, "Permethrin"), to conduct a thorough disinfection of clothes and items.
The slagging of the intestine affects the skin condition and aggravates any allergic reaction. Take probiotics in the form of complexes, add dairy products in your diet, drink more water. Clean the body receiving the absorbent preparations of activated charcoal or POLYSORB.
Take antihistamines which will reduce the number of rashes and relieve load on the body. Drinking them should be long – within a month or less.
Allergic rashes lubricate with special gels and ointments that contain antihistamine components that will relieve swelling, inflammation, and reduce the color intensity of the rash. In some cases, shows the use of hormonal ointments on the hydrocortisone. Eliminate the source of allergies and minimize all contact with him in the future.