You will need
  • — notarized authorization of all co-owners;
  • — written notice of all co-owners;
  • — excerpt from the book, personal accounts and cadastral records;
  • — agreement of purchase and sale;
  • — the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • — the statement in FPRZ;
  • — passport of all parties involved;
  • receipt about payment of state duty for registration.
If you are going to sell the room, which was privatized, it received from the municipality under the contract of social hiring, the order of sale depends on who else decorated the right of ownership of your room and who live in other rooms of the apartment, the owners or tenants.
If your room is privatized just for you and in the certificate of ownership that you received after the privatization and registration of property rights in FPRC recorded only you, to obtain permission from other co-owners is required. But you have, in writing, notify all owners of the other rooms on the sale of your home, because according to article 250 of the civil code, they have the preferential right to purchase individual rooms in a shared apartment.
Send a notarized notice by registered letter with the investment inventory. If several rooms are owned and the rest are occupied by tenants and owned by the government, then you must notify not only the owners of privatized housing, the local municipality about the terms of sale.
If after 30 days no one expressed the desire to purchase your room, then you can sell it to anyone.
If the apartment was privatized in a joint property between family members, for the sales room you need to clean the Board in kind, to issue a separate right of ownership and then make all actions according to these.
If a room has been privatized to a few people and the ownership certificate are several owners, you will receive for sale a notarized authorization from all owners, and shall notify the co-owners of the transaction of purchase and sale and its conditions.
The order transaction is carried out according to the General rules. Write down all of the room, get the excerpt from the book, personal accounts, cadastral documents from BTI, to make a written or notarized contract of sale, the act of transfer and acceptance and submit all documents to FPRC to register ownership rights to your buyers.