You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a document certifying the right of ownership of the share;
  • - a notarized owner's refusal from the purchase of the shares;
  • - other documents, corresponding to the characteristics of the transaction.
Please note that the law gives preferential rights to purchase equity of the property from the other owners to those who own shares in the apartment. When registration of ownership of registered the authority will require a notarized waiver of such pre-emptive rights.
To buy a share in the apartment which you own, directly contact the owner and make an offer to purchase. If the terms of the transaction fair to both parties, go through the application process and register transfer of ownership in the manner prescribed by law. Since you have the right of redemption, to the problems with registration of the transaction usually does not occur.
If you found a buyer for his share in the apartment, contact other owners with a proposal to buy out your share. This is best done by sending a registered letter with notification. In that case, if the relationship with the other owners of the apartment are good, to make such a suggestion is just a personal conversation.
In the event of a negative response ask the owners to withdraw a notary. When you get a notarized document renouncing the pre-emptive right of all other owners of the property will make the transaction for the sale of its share to the person interested in such a purchase.
Refrain from entering into transactions involving the contract of donation. To this trick sometimes go, if the owner of the shares did not actually live in the apartment and find it to obtain a notarized waiver is not possible. The disadvantage of this method is that the ransom with the use of the donation contract from a legal point of view does not correspond to his true essence. The court might find the transaction void and to return property to the former owner, leaving the buyer without money.