If you already live in a communal apartment, along with the rest of the neighbors have the pre-emptive right of redemption of a privatized room, which sells one of them. When the rest of the neighbors do not wish to purchase additional room, witness their failure. A neighbor, selling a room, is obliged to send you notification of sale and, if the rest of him does not respond within one month, it will be deemed a waiver of foreclosure. If the price of the apartment you are satisfied, you will be the lucky one who will get additional living space.
In the case where only this privatized, for sale room and the rest of the apartment residents enjoy the rights of social hiring, the right to acquire the room has and the municipality. Get a waiver from city by contacting the district Council and attach to the application the consent of the owner of the room for sale.
Privatized room you can try to purchase from the city, but many large cities put quite severe restrictions, and such purchase is fraught with big difficulties. In this case, the action takes article 59 of the Housing code, which sets forth the sequence of granting of the apartment or its subsequent redemption.
In accordance with the law, if you want to buy a room in a communal apartment, prepare a package of documents and submit it to the district or regional housing authority. It includes a statement about buying a vacant dwelling, single housing order, explication and floor plan of the apartment, the calculation of the BTI, which determines the selling price of the dwelling.
Remember that you should hurry and collect documents in less than a month from the date of receipt of the notice. If for some valid reason you don't have time to do so, submit documentary evidence of his absence or illness.
Submitted documents competent authority considers, the city's housing Commission. In the case of a positive decision you will be concluded the contract of purchase and sale, the reason for which will help permit the repurchase of the vacant dwelling. The deal will come into force only after the state registration of the contract.