When buying room the buyer is obliged to have only your passport. The rest of the package of documents for the sale is obliged to prepare the seller of property.

The seller must be a certificate of ownership of the room, an extract from the cadastral passport and copy of the cadastre plan obtained by the BTI, an extract from the house register and a personal account.

The room is part of the apartment, so when selling a home you must obtain a notarized waiver of co-owners from the pre-emptive right to purchase (article 250 of the civil code). If the owners do not wish to give a disclaimer and not use its preemptive right, the seller is obliged to notify them by registered letter with list of contents on the sale room with the conditions. In one month he has the right to sell the house to third parties without notarial refusal of co-owners.

If the right of ownership is registered to a person who is registered in the official marriage, the other spouse must give notarized authorization to sell the room (article 256 of the civil code, 34 SK the Russian Federation). Permission is not required only if the right of ownership of one of the spouses was registered prior to the entry into a valid marriage or the room was given to one spouse.

If a room have the right of ownership is limited capable, incapable or a minor, then the seller is required to obtain in the organs of guardianship and trusteeship regulation (article 28, 29, 26, 30 of the civil code).

In the presence of all necessary documents is a transaction of sale in the simple written or notarial form, and there is a written act of transfer and acceptance of housing.

All documents must be submitted to PPRC to complete an application form, pay the fee for registration. The right of ownership to buyer issue within 30 days.