You will need
  • - certificate of ownership of the room;
  • - ads in the media and on the Internet;
  • - notary services.
Important point complete the transaction of sale is only possible with the privatized facilities. Therefore, the buyer is looking for in the first place, that such options may be less willing to communicate (and often not linked) with non-privatized housing and the Agency.
So, if the room is not in your possession, you better complete all the necessary formalities and proceed to the ready certificate of title on hand.
For contacts with customers better, have a separate email address (blockage of spam in most cases guaranteed) and a special SIM card. Insert it in your phone only when you can answer calls. The rest of the time connect the answering machine function. Record your greeting with the offer to leave the information.
Calls after hours will be required. And it is possible that just from someone who will eventually buy.
The answering machine will come in handy after the sale: write on this message that the room was sold, and unplug the phone. Otherwise you will be pestered with calls long after the sale.
Post your ad with a detailed description of the property sold is in the media and on the Internet. For this purpose, suitable specialized forums and message boards, relevant sections of the regional forums, and in some cases social network.
Can also offer the option to potential buyers in neighbouring regions.
In real estate agencies you can contact: your room will still be in their database even if you stipulate that the mediators do not want to mess with.
Of particular importance is the rendering. Try to negotiate with the neighbors to the flickers in the kitchen and in the hallway at the designated show time. Perform the cleaning in the common areas and the room itself.
And it will have to do before every viewing, and after making a Deposit visit the future buyer. After all, to change your mind at any time. Stipulate in such a case the refund of the Deposit up to the defaults and specify them in the separate contract that you sign with the buyer with the transfer of this amount.
Also stipulate the conditions of your departure from the room and move to her customers and be ready to meet them.
When you have settled on the date of sale and the transfer of money, on the appointed day come with the buyer to the notary. Sign a contract, get the money and give the buyer the keys.