You will need
  • notification to all the neighbors
  • - notary failure
Notify the neighbors about selling the room and the terms of the transaction. For notification to make a notarial document of all the terms of the sale room indicating the price at which you sell it.
Send a copy of the notice to all neighbors a registered letter with the investment inventory.
The pre-emptive right to purchase possess only those neighbors who are the owners of your room. If people live under a social lease contract, and the owner is the city administration, notice of the sale should the administration.
If the owners are minors, disabled, incapacitated persons, refusal to purchase you need to get in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship, that is, to send a notification to these bodies.
Generally, people agree among themselves and neighbors with no problems give a notarized waiver of the right of pre-emption. If the neighbors to buy the room and do not want a waiver of preemptive rights are not willing to give then a month later, by default, you can sell it to a third person, as the silence within a month is equated to failure under article of the civil code of the Russian Federation No. 250, paragraph 2.
If desired, several of the owners to exercise the right of first refusal and impossibility of peace talks on the sale is considered by the court.