You will need
  • - Certificate of state registration of property rights;
  • - the cadastral passport of apartment;
  • - extract from the house register;
  • statement from the office of Rosreestr;
  • - notarized consent of the owners for the transaction;
  • copies of financial personal accounts.
There are two ways the sale of a communal apartment as a whole. In the first case, the neighbors agreed, and together, sell communal, and received from the transaction amount divided between them in proportion to the squares of their room. The second option sale is that one of the owners buys out the rooms of their neighbors, and then sell the whole apartment.
The process of registration of necessary documents and registration of rights during the sale of a communal flat almost no different from selling any other apartment, which has several owners.
After prepare all the basic documents determine how many will sell their homes because buyers are primarily interested in the price of the apartment. Make an objective opinion about how much can be sold one or the other apartment, will help a comprehensive collection of information.
To do this, look at the ads in the newspaper or online, ask for help to real estate professionals or conduct an independent valuation by professional appraisers. As a rule, it is difficult to determine the most accurate cost of housing, as it depends on many factors. Therefore it is best to seek the help of professionals.
To find buyers, place ads in Newspapers, free and paid classifieds, the Internet. No harm will attach photos taken from different angles. The buyer can also be found through relatives, friends and acquaintances or to ring all the numbers that appear in ads about buying an apartment.
After the buyer is found, we can proceed to conclude the contract of purchase and sale of a communal apartment. He must be in written form and in order to protect themselves, ascertain it notarized.
The written contract is registered in the Registration chamber, followed by the transfer of ownership of the apartment from the seller to the buyer. The amount received from the sale will be split between all the owners of communal apartments.