Sell a room in a hostel, which is considered a specialized housing is impossible, since the law "On privatization of housing Fund in the Russian Federation" stipulated a direct ban on privatization of such premises. But in article 7 of the Housing code of the Russian Federation such privatization is permitted subject to the requirements: the hostel should belong to municipal or state enterprises and, in addition, it is necessary that it was translated on the balance sheet of the municipality and recognized, thus, of apartment buildings with communal apartments. Only after that you may enter into with the owner of the house – municipality – agreement of social hiring, on the basis of which will be privatized apartment and obtained the certificate of ownership.
The transfer of hostels in the housing stock of municipalities is made on the basis of the decision of the head of the municipality. In the case where your hostel is not listed on the balance sheet of the municipality, should contact the court with one of the possible requirements either to compel the municipality to conclude a contract with you privatization, or for you to recognize the right of ownership by way of privatization of occupied in fact the dwelling.
Under the contract of social hiring or the decision of the court you can change the status of the room and to the territorial bodies rosreestra Certificate of ownership of the dwelling. Then you have full right to sell it, but now you have to get from neighbors of the former hostel, a waiver of preemptive rights for the purchase of your room. It is a right they have, since the communal rooms are in shared ownership. Reglamentary this order of article 250 of the civil code of the Russian Federation.
When selling a room in a former dormitory from the seller must be shown at registration of the transaction in bodies of Federal registration service the following documents:
- the certificate on the property right to a room in an apartment house;
- agreement of purchase and sale in writing signed by both parties;
- the refusal of neighbors from the pre-emptive right of purchase;
- the payment document confirming payment of state duty for registration of the transaction;
- the permission from guardianship and guardianship, if the room together with you reside minor children;
- consent of spouse to sell the room, notarized.