You will need
  • - the failure of the owners of the pre-emptive right of purchase, or confirmation that they ignored your offer;
  • - documents for the sale of shares in the room;
  • - the services of realtors or resources to place ads for the sale of real estate;
  • - notary services.
If the question arose on the sale of shares, we should not forget that by law, the pre-emption right are the holders of other shares in the same room. They need to send a written notice with a proposal to buy back its share, preferably with return receipt requested and notarized.
And it will have to do with each price reduction.
Difficult question - whether the sale of the people to submit similar proposals to the owners of the other rooms in the same apartment. Simple answer lawyers and real estate professionals can not give, as the law of clear information does not. But I suggest after the failure of the owners of the shares in the room to send for insurance offers and they.
If you have received rejections from all the pre-emptive right of purchase, or they ignored your suggestion, but can you confirm the fact of its distribution, there are no obstacles to put their share in the legitimate sale.
The procedure is thus similar to any other property.