This type of contract is widespread in everyday life. That is why knowledge of the rules of its preparation is so important, especially if we are talking about the sale of an apartment (or share). Error when drafting such a contract can result in significant financial losses.
Any civil contract will be invalidated if you fail to comply with its essential terms. This condition, in relation to the contract of sale, is its subject, which can act both movable and immovable property. Other possible terms, such as price, quantity, completeness and assortment, quality, etc., are coordinated at the request of the parties. In the absence of their mention in the agreement they are determined on the basis of similar relationship in the area or customs of business turnover (the General rule).
Subject structure and subject matter determine the form of the contract of purchase and sale. It may be concluded orally, in written form. The contract of sale of immovable property subject to mandatory state registration (entering of record about the owner of the immovable property in the Unified state register of rights to immovable property). The conclusion of the contract with a legal entity regardless of the subject and rates is possible only in written form. The oral form of the agreement is possible at the conclusion of it only between the citizens, if the value of the property at least ten times the minimum wage.
The contract of purchase and sale of the shares in the apartment shall be deemed made if it is made in writing (by drafting a single document signed by the parties), in his text accurately determined the cost of selling the share and its location, and the Treaty has passed the procedure of state registration.