Features feeding the chickens

The main diet of chickens make up a protein feed. The birds can be given not only meat and bone and fishmeal, but a specially prepared fish waste. Such mixtures can be purchased at specialty stores or make your own from fins, bones and heads of fish. In addition, periodically it is recommended to feed the chickens with food rich in calcium – cottage cheese, and dairy products.
In addition to feed chickens needed grit. It is better to put a special container, so the birds had constant access. Sand greatly improves digestion.

For chickens the special role played by animal feed, which the birds usually gather on their own. Such foods include, for example, frogs, worms, insects, beetles and molluscs. In the main food it is recommended to mix a small amount of chalk, if the birds are constantly in cells. As an additional source of calcium can be used crushed shell.

As additives to the basic food used stale bread, previously soaked in water, pine needles, Rowan berries and hawthorn. Such products are not required, but for chickens they are very useful.

The role of grain in the diet of chickens

The grain has a high fat content, particularly for chickens, laying hens. The record for the content of natural fat are whole grain oat and corn. To Supplement the diet of birds can grains any grains, and such vegetable crops as beets, potatoes, pumpkin and turnips. In these products in addition to body fat contains large amounts of carbohydrates and useful macro.

When selecting grain for chickens it is necessary to give preference to specially processed blend with no shells. The fact that the skin which covers the grain, contains a lot of fiber. This component is poorly digested and absorbed in the body of a chicken. Excessive eating of foods high in fiber can lead to serious diseases of birds and even cause obesity.
To improve the quality of meat chickens it is recommended to give barley and millet. Thanks to products such birds is quite rapidly gaining weight.

Vitamins in the diet of chickens

Due to the lack of vitamins in the diet of chickens can be observed deviations in growth and development, as well as to decrease the number postpone eggs. To replenish vitamins and minerals in the body poultry, chickens provide fresh tops of vegetable crops, grain sprouts, carrots, dandelion greens and young stinging nettle.

Green feed is usually mixed with grain or potatoes. Several times a week in the diet of chickens is necessary to include fish oil and add to baking food biscuits. These ingredients contain enough amounts of vitamins for normal development of the body of birds.

Food chickens in winter

The main food in winter for chickens is a silo. This type of feed is a mixture of leaves of legumes, leaves of corn, grasses, and stems of cereals. During frosts and cold weather conditions, it is recommended to feed the birds dried marsh vegetation. Such mixtures are sold in specialized stores or procured independently in the summer.