You will need
  • a place for chickens;
  • - feeders & waterers;
  • - special food;
  • - fenced paddock.
Get strong and healthy Chicks. Good chicken needs to be mobile, strong to stand on legs, have bright eyes and beak are yellow. The strong stomach of a chicken is picked up, and wings held tightly to the body.
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Prepare for the Chicks warm, previously disinfected room without drafts. On the floor pour flooring of small chips. Even if the Chicksand the hen, the first few days the room should be heated. When the content of chickens without the hen maintain temperature mode until the birds age 40 days. The first week Chicksam organize day lighting.
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Hen with ChicksAMI contain separately from adult birds. Keep chickensnick has not penetrated predators: cats, rats, weasels, ferrets. Equip poultry separate secure paddock with green grass. 1 chicken must have 1-2 square metres of paddock. Keep chickensand not out on the street until Rosa came down.
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Make for young individual feeders and drinkers. For a large number of chickens is to install automatic nipple drinkers. Feeders for a week the Chicks should be flat, but the food in them should not zataplivat. Remember that bird feeders should be sufficient. It is impossible to prevent crowding or priority in feeding. All chickensshould eat at the same time.
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Prepare special food. Food for chickens contain large amounts of proteins and vitamins. If the Chicksand hen, first feed the hen. Feeding chickens is carried out every 2 hours. The fodder should add chopped eggs, shell, fresh yogurt and cottage cheese, white bread, boiled potatoes. Gradually fragmented and boiled cereals chickens translate to whole grain. Food must be eaten in 20 min. it is prohibited to give the bird moldy feed. Install in chickensNike feeders with mineral additions: limestone, chalk.
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In the paddock for calves organize sand baths. The ash bucket, add 2 buckets of sand. Chicks love in Sunny weather to swim in these baths.