With proper care chickens-broilers grow very quickly and at the age of two months up to half a kilogram of body weight. Most active growth occurs in the first four weeks of life of Chicks, so their feeding and maintenance in this period pay close attention.

Why broiler grow slowly

There are several reasons that cause growth retardation in chickens. First and foremost is the failure to light and temperature when the content of broilers. The temperature in the room where the bird is grown, needs to be below 30 degrees Celsius. When babies will be two weeks, it can be reduced to 24 degrees. If the ambient temperature is too low, the Chicks begin to socialise, to hurt and slow to gain weight. Weak birds often die from hypothermia. To increase the air temperature to acceptable values, used household appliances: reflectors and heaters. We must not forget about ventilation, but it is necessary to organize correctly, to avoid drafts.

Lighting has a big impact on the growth and development of chickens. Kids under the age of two weeks are growing most actively and therefore require long daylight hours – up to 24 hours. In the future we need to ensure that broilers were natural, but not very bright light 17 hours a day. Too intense light is dangerous to birds because it can cause pecking.

Reason for the slow growth of broilers may be a lack of vitamins and infectious diseases. In the first two weeks the Chicks will give antibiotics and vitamins – this will protect them from diseases and prevent vitamin deficiency. Preventive, repeat in three weeks.

What to do with the power when broilers grow slowly

For good growth and development of chickens needs to obtain qualitative feed appropriate to their age. It is recommended to give the starter feed, then an adolescent, and after it – food for adult birds. It is important to observe the mode of feeding in the first week of life meat chickens are fed 8 times a day, and secondly – not less than 6 times, third four times. During the second period of rearing of poultry, you can add grass and other succulent feed, and the amount of feed with high protein content reduced slightly.

For weight gain of the broilers need to constantly drink, so the drinking bowl they should always be clean and slightly warm water.