On chicken farms hens are fed a special feed, which includes all the essential bird nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The chicken living in the garden, having the opportunity to free range, she is able to secure a full ration, the owner will only have to feed her in the evening a small amount of grain.
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If chickens live in confined spaces, you will have to attend to the drawing up for them a balanced menu. You need to feed them 2-3 times a day dry and wet food. Better if dry grain is chickens have constant access to the trough for the free eating, but wet mash should give a small amount, which the chickens can eat at 1 time. Stale food instantly pritoptyvaya bird, eat it no one will.
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If the hens lay eggs, their feed must contain sufficient for shell formation calcium. You can use a special mineral additives and can be added to food crushed chalk and regular bone meal. Do not throw egg shells in the garbage, it is better to collect it and give to chickens, for them it is a welcome treat.
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Walking freely chicken is constantly digging in the ground, looking for grit, stones and other coarse litter your stomach for successful digestion. Chicken sitting in captivity, this is devoid. The owner should take this into account when compiling the menus and to enter into special feed additives.
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Spring chickens, like all living creatures, are experiencing a vitamin deficiency, so in need of feeding vitamins. The easiest way to do this, soak the barley or wheat, and allowing them to germinate. This food will not only be useful but will have birds to taste. Even though they are chickens, but they also love to eat.
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