According to Russian law, to pay for utilities needed before the 10th of each month. If you violate these laws to the defaulters, there are different kinds of foreclosure.

Sanctions for non-payment

For a start, such levers of influence on those who are evading payment are penalties. First a penalty equal to 1/300 of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank of the total amount of debt for one day of non-payment. If this is not effective, the court may require payment of the entire debt immediately plus court costs.

The next stage of sanctions – limiting, and disabling certain types of utilities. The only exception is the cold water supply and heating – they can not be cut down. On making this decision, the defaulter must come with written notice. 30 days after receipt of such warning, a sanction can be enforced. The resumption of service occurs within two days after the full repayment of the debt.

If and when disconnecting utility services, the debtor continues not to pay the debt, it can be evicted. However, this only applies to those who rent housing. Fortunately, while according to Russian law, property owners evict impossible.

We need, however, to say that the government is considering how to impose a sanction and homeowners. An acceptable criterion for this foreclosure is 5% of the debt of the cadastral evaluation of housing.

What to do?

Based on the above, under any circumstances, for housing it is better to pay. If you know in advance about possible difficulties with the family budget (for example, a reduction from the post), better some money on utility bills to be paid in advance. Also the management company can try to negotiate installments. This option is available for up to 12 months. In this case a fee shall be charged up to 3% plus the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank.

If for some reason in the apartment no one lives, the landlord has the right to the product of the recalculated rent. For this served the appropriate application and documents that confirm this fact. This may be the ticket with the dates when people left and when I came back, the help from various places, temporary registration elsewhere etc.

There are debtors who simply do not have time to stand in mile-long queues for payment of utilities. So you need to examine in more detail the possibility of payment via Internet.