First notify the tenant that his apartment had a debt for utility payments. Explain to the homeowners the need for timely payment. Give specific evidence of failure of preparation for the upcoming winter heating season, the amounts of debt throughout the house. Normal conversation is enough to understand the need for timely payment.
There are cases when the landlord was busy or long absent, so a debt. He should just remind you that to make rent must be on time, and the situation is soon resolved. If the tenant is a malicious defaulters, notice to debt have to be in writing.
Call the co-op Board on the question of further action against malicious defaulters. Discuss the steps that need to be taken to each specific debtor. Select the measures that will be forced to pay for public services – an appeal to the electricity supplier joint visits to these residents or filing a lawsuit. Assign responsibility for carrying out assigned actions. All taken at the meeting record decisions in meeting minutes.
Make a notice for the defaulters of the decision of the HOA and once again offer to repay the debt within a specific time frame. Notify that in case of failure the case of the recovery of the debt will be handed over to the world court. To the debtor in the court does not refer to ignorance of the situation with the debt, send the notice by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.
Write a petition to the world court to recover from the particular tenant's debt for communal services. Pay state fee and send the documents to the magistrate. After examining the submitted documents, the court will issue a decision on recovery of debt. The Respondent may, within 10 days, may appeal against the decision of the court. If no steps are taken by the debtor, the court decision becomes legitimate.