You will need
  • - registered letter with the investment inventory;
  • - meeting of the HOA;
  • - an application to the court;
  • - a writ of execution.
If the landlord has delayed the payment of utility bills or have not paid according to submitted receipts tax payments, you have the right to resend the receipt with the amount of the penalty. Interest is calculated at the rate of 1/300 of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.
If you continue to send receipts with the calculation of the new amount of the penalty, and payments not credited, will provide written notice to the debtor. For the written notice, send a registered letter with the investment inventory, which will be awarded to the debtor against receipt. In the notice, specify the final maturity payment and the amount of the penalty.
If this measure is not forced to hurry with the payment, you have the right to convene the Board of the HOA and to discuss the specific penalties of the debtor. Meeting maintain a Protocol to be entered on the agenda, vote and decision. On the advice of the Board to prepare a statement and submit the case to the court for compulsory collection of the entire amount of duty and penalty.
In the case of a court decision on forced as the recovery of all debts for utility bills or unpaid taxes, the Chairman of the HOA or the representative of the tax Inspectorate needs to contact the bailiffs with a writ of execution and a statement on debt collection.
Then enter into the work of the bailiffs. They have the right to arrest the account of the debtor, contact the place of work for enforcement of the debt. In an extreme case, produced an inventory of valuable property and its realization in repayment of the formed debts.
If a large amount of debt, property, Bank accounts and operate the debtor is not, then apply an exceptional measure to resettle the debtor to cheaper housing and the implementation of the apartment to pay all the debts. This method of obtaining debt is used in very rare cases, as the majority of debtors don't even bring the case to court, but limited to the notification and makes all the debts in full.